$USDCAD 15 September 2011

USDCAD has been moving within a channel, and now we are sitting at the lower channel band. With the assumption that the channel movement will be continued, I am testing with a small long position from here.  First target of long position is the mid pivot of the channel, and upper channel band is the 2nd target.

Let’s see how it goes.

Here is the….. CHART!

$USDCAD channel

$USDCAD 17 May 2011

[tab: Setup]

Here is the chart I tweeted earlier on. I am watching $USDCAD to complete the symmetrical movement and potentially a reversal at the resistance level. *Thinking:What else do I need to write …..*

Here is the …. CHART!

$USDCAD Bearish Harmonic setup

[tab: Update 20 May 2011]

$USDCAD stalls ahead of Core CPI and Retail sales figure.

$USDCAD Bearish Harmonic setup update

Key Levels for week 14 Feb 2011

Here are the pairs and the key levels that I’ll be watching for the coming week. These are basically support and resistance levels. Since I am mostly trading off 4-hour charts, I am only posting charts of this time frame here.

Have a great trading week ahead!

[tab: GOLD]

GOLD Key levels

[tab: AUDUSD]

AUDUSD Key Levels

[tab: EURGBP]

EURGBP Key Levels

[tab: EURUSD]

EURUSD Key Levels

[tab: GBPUSD]

GBPUSD Key levels

[tab: NZDUSD]

NZDUSD Key Levels

[tab: USDCAD]

USDCAD Key Levels

[tab: USDCHF]

USDCHF Key Levels

$USDCAD 21 October 2010 : 5-0

I am looking at USDCAD at the moment. It just formed a basic bullish 5-0 harmonic pattern. Let’s see if it starts to bounce from here, and a breakdown of current level might potentially lead us to around 1.0025 level.

Here is the CHART!


Is it time now? $USDCAD 12 Oct 2010

I mentioned in twitter yesterday, I was considering building a small long position of USDCAD. I thought it will be easier to share a chart here. We have completed a Bearish butterfly, and ABCD formation. Of course, there are other factors to be considered, from technical point of view, I am interested in keeping my eyes on this pair at the moment.

This is an idea, and I am still developing the thesis. Let’s see how it goes.

Just something for you to think about.

Here is the …. CHART!


Chart of the moment: $USDCAD 10 August 2010

This is the chart that I am looking at. We had a slow, choppy start of the week. Looking at the USDCAD, are we expecting something big soon?

Here is the CHART!