EOD Recap 06 March 2018

Refer to pre market prep post here.

Here are the EOD reviewed Charts.

Markets covered:

  • Crude Light – CL June 18 Contract
  • 30yr US Treasury Bonds – ZB June 18 Contract
  • 10yr US Treasury Notes – ZN June 18 Contract
  • Ultra 10yr Treasury Note – TN June 18 Contract

$AUDUSD recap 17 November 2015

Yesterday, I tweeted about $AUDUSD ‘s structure prepare. Here is the updated chart. I expected market to fill the single prints between 7074 and 7143.


$AUDUSD looking at the potential of repairing the structure between 7074/7143

— Gavin (@tradergav) Nov. 16 at 11:13 AM

Updated chart

Chart prepared using Sierra Chart.

Chart prepared using Sierra Chart.

Looking ahead, here are some zones I am watching to do business.


$GBPUSD 27 June 2012

I am down with flu this week, and now with certain amount of paracetamol running in my body, I am not going to write too much here. �Here is the cable chart I am looking at.


Trade well.

$EURGBP 20 June 2012

Just want to make a short post about EURGBP.  Are we looking at the repeating pattern, and symmetrical movement here?



$EURGBP 05 Nov 2010

Here is what I see in $EURGBP.  I am looking at the potential head and shoulder formation. Let’s see how it works out.

[tab: Setup]

Here is the CHART! (click on the chart to magnify)

$EURGBP Head & Shoulder

[tab: Update]

EURGBP did not follow through, and it failed to reach the level to form H&S. No trade was taken.

EURBGP update

Is it time now? $USDJPY 04 Oct 2010

Here is the 240-min chart of USDJPY that I am looking at. Do you see the pattern here?

Here is the chart.

USDJPY Head and Shoulder