A box play: USDCAD

Let’s do some boxing today. Though I am still waiting for the trade signal, I am a little bit of negatively biased. 🙂

USDCAD has formed a pretty nice box with negative momentum in 4-hr chart. Let’s see how it works.


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Here is another position established. I went long USDCAD…Time to go for dinner, so no full analysis (or bullshit).

Here is the statistics:


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Here is the … CHART!


Is it time now?uhm…loonie

This is a longer timeframe analysis. USDCAD has been consolidating for a period of time. And now looks interesting. I am putting my bet on short side. I mean, I am positive of CAD. Other considerations include the weak, messy, troubled USD and the the relationship of CAD and oil price…uhm…. Let’s see how it works out.

Here is the…..CHART!


Some statistics here

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By Trader Gav

Sunday chart scan summary

I had an hectic, crazy, cum annoying week at my day job, and at the same time fighting with the disturbing flu. Hey, you’ll never know how tough it is to deal with idiots….blah…whatever, life still goes on.

Back to business. What do I see in my Sunday chart scanning? Nothing. My last two ‘tip or junk ideas’ appear to be junk. But, in fact, I am still looking at short side of EUR/AUD at the moment. I am watching , things might change in the coming week, who knows.

Another interesting chart is USDCAD. I am looking at short side, but, I am waiting for the price to settle itself now.

Here are some statistics :

USDCAD, Trend score: -70



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