Intraday structure of ASX200 26 Feb 2013

This is not a trade. I thought it might be helpful to post the intraday chart (5-min) of ASX200 index. If one pays enough attention to the chart, it is not too difficult to draw out the structure in terms of supply, demand zones.

First of all, I assume you have the knowledge to identify supply, demand zones. Support , resistance level is just the cluster of supply demand zones. The basis of this analysis is , price tends to rebound at the demand zone (reverse is true for short side), and the broken level tends to serve the opposite.

Have a look at the 5-minute chart below.

ASX200 M5

ASX200 M5

$GBPUSD 25 Feb 2013

Just to post a quick chart before the market gets busy again. Cable, $GBPUSD , zone around 1.5235 might provide some trading opportunity. The confluence of supply line and zone, and SR flipped zone. I am watching this level closely.



$USDJPY potential reaction zone 21 Feb 2013

[tab: Setup 21 Feb 2013]
I am looking at the zone around 92.75 of USDJPY for some reactions. It is a retest of H1, H4 uptrend line and also the base of last spike. Let’s see how it goes.



[tab: update 22 Feb 2013]

It depends on the buffer you’ve set, or if you leave your order after the 1st rebound, you might have missed the entry by few pips. Annoying, it is. Anyway, here is the updated chart. Price reacted well at the demand zone. now heading to retest the back of inner trend line

USDJPY M30 updated chart

USDJPY M30 updated chart



$USDCAD 15 September 2011

USDCAD has been moving within a channel, and now we are sitting at the lower channel band. With the assumption that the channel movement will be continued, I am testing with a small long position from here.  First target of long position is the mid pivot of the channel, and upper channel band is the 2nd target.

Let’s see how it goes.

Here is the….. CHART!

$USDCAD channel

ASX200 06 September 2011


After RBA’s decision to leave cash rate on hold at 4.75%, I see an interesting setup in ASX200. This is an intraday trade setup. I am testing the idea with small risk. As long as the last low holds well, long bias remains. Let’s see how it works out.

Here is the …. CHART!

ASX200 06 September 2011


Support was broken. Pattern failed.

$AUDUSD 12 August 2011

I am watching AUDUSD during Asian session. I thought we might have some interesting setups forming soon. Let’s see.

Here is the….CHART!