$EURUSD 13 Oct 2011

I have been stalking a short of EURUSD. (Well, who doesn’t?). However, I prefer to see price pushing a little further before establishing short. Let’s see. As the chart shows, we have confluence of channel, hamornic pattern. And if you notice, it is retesting the previous trend lines.

OK, here is the….. CHART!!!!

$EURUSD 13 Oct 2011 Bearish harmonic setup

$NZDUSD 31 August 2011

A bearish harmonic setup is observed while NZDUSD is retesting the broken trend line. Bias remains short for now.

$NZDUSD Bearish Harmonic Setup


$AUDNZD 19 August 2011

Here is another potential swing trade setup I have been looking at. $AUDNZD is testing the established down trend line, and with completion of bearish ABCD formation. I expect price to face resistance at this level. I’ll be watching price action closely next week to confirm my thought.

Here is the….CHART!

$AUDNZD 19 August 2011 Bearish Harmonic setup

$USDHKD 26 May 2011

Her is another simple technical setup. I thought this is a beautiful chart. Unintentionally, I have turned this blog into a chart library. Well, not a bad idea.

Anyway, watching this symmetrical movement into resistance zone. At the time of posting, the pair starts moving down during early Asian session…let’s see how it goes.

Here is the …. CHART!


$EURJPY 27 April 2011

So, long weekend is over, and I am back to my trading desk. EURJPY caught my eyes, and potentially, I am looking at short setup in the area near 121, and next will be looking at 123.

Here is the …. CHART!

$EURJPY potential short setup

$EURJPY 22 Nov 2010

We have a gap up during Monday Asian morning. I have two levels in my radar for potential short position. It is the confluence of resistance level, Fib extensions and channel median line.

[tab: Setup]

Here is the CHART to confuse you.

$EURJPY Bearish Harmonic setup

[tab: Update 24 Nov 2010]

This type of ‘fast-and-furious’ sell off does not happen very often, but I try to make sure I am in the market when it happens. Last piece of EURJPY short was closed few hours ago. Market seems to be a little messy now. I have no position at the moment, prefer to watch and wait for the market to settle for now.

Here is the CHART