Next trade is more important

I was having a walk after buying food from supermarket with my fiancee. I told her about my recent trades, I was pretty happy with my performance. She smiled and told me ‘ It is good, but next trade is more important’. This gives me some thoughts. Exactly, next trade is always more important. And the very next trade has totally nothing to do with our recent trades which we turned a profit or loss. However, human natures make us think it may. We will end up with over confident, or timid when making the next trade. Forget about your past trades. Keep the focus on the price action, and next trade is always more important. You have to give the best performance for the next trade, it might not be perfect, but it will be your best shot!

Curated Tweets – Best tweets collections

I have collected some tweets over time, which I think it is helpful for traders to read again from time to time. You can treat as “trading wisdom” or just general reminder of rules to run this business.

You find the link at the side bar “Best Tweet Collection“, or access to this page

New videos added to collection

Just a quick note to mention a couple of really awesome videos were added into ‘Video worth watching” collection.

The first one is Building Your Inner Coach

The other is Regret is poison

Check out the video gallery for full collection of videos.

Have a good weekend!

Burn the boats

Here is the latest addition to the “Videos worth watching” collection.

Burn the boats! by Andy Andrews

In February 1519, Hernando Cortez set sail on the final leg of a voyage that was to take him from Cuba, a stopover, to the shores of the Yucatán. He commanded 11 ships, with more than 500 soldiers, 100 sailors, and 16 horses, bound for Mexico to take the world’s richest treasure. The precious jewels, gold, silver, and sculptures sheltered on this limestone peninsula had been hoarded by the same army for over 600 years. As they listened, Cortez leaned in and said three simple words that changed everything: “Burn the boats.”

Creation of Video Collection page

Lately, I found myself watching more videos than reading blog posts. And I have found some of them are really good, and definitely worth watching again. I thought it might be useful to collect these videos and put them into a place where I can access them easily. As a result, I have created a video gallery on this blog for this purpose.

You can find the link “Videos worth watching” at the side bar or “Video Collection section” from the main page.



For clarification, I am NOT the owner of these videos. These videos are freely available on hosting sites such as Youtube. All I am doing is to organize them into a useful collection, and hopefully, it is useful to some of you.

I will be adding new videos to the collection. Of course, I welcome recommendations (please, no self promotion).

All right, head to the video gallery, and enjoy watching, and learning!

Here is the sneak preview of the gallery, visit the page for full list of videos

My Weekend reading list: Saturday ,30th May 2015

Here are the articles in my weekend reading list


Better to be lucky than good?: What makes a career is coming in most days and making steady, consistent amounts in the markets and taking the bonuses when they come along.. – by Lee Gibbs – Tags: traders development –

Consistency Is Not A Game of Perfect: We asked the SMB community which topics they wanted to learn more about it in the upcoming “Peak Performance Trading and Investing” video course. Out of a list of ten topics, by far the most popular was “How to Be More Consistent”. – Tags: traders development –

Three Steps In Overcoming Trading Fears: Many situations can be interpreted as threats. That leads to an anxiety response and an activation of the body’s fight-or-flight stress response. Once we perceive something as a threat, we can either run from it or we can face it. Facing a fear does not necessarily mean fighting or fleeing. – by Brett Steenbarger – Tags: traders development –

Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.: We all have things that we want to achieve in our lives — getting into the better shape, building a successful business, raising a wonderful family, writing a best-selling book, winning a championship, and so on. – by James Clear – Tags: traders development –

The Trading Coach — Ask anything : how can I become more consistent as…: I have been actively trading for 5 years. I have followed the market for 25 years.. I have tried trading covered calls, medium and high beta stocks (ex – AAPL, SBUX ,CELG, TSLA. I have tried intraday trading options -no luck. – Tags: traders development –

Your Trading And Investment Style And Why It Is Important: The recent post suggested that how we are wired–socially, emotionally, and cognitively–helps to determine our success in financial markets. – by Brett Steenbarger – Tags: traders development –

When Coaching Is Not The Answer: Here are a few situations that I’ve encountered recently with traders: * A trader who showed talent but also tended to overtrade tried psychological exercises, journaling, reading books, and speaking with a coach. Upon review, the trader appeared to have a lifelong pattern of poor attention. – by Brett Steenbarger – Tags: traders development –

Enjoy, and have a good weekend.

Keep Learning, Keep Trading.