$AUDJPY 20 June 2012

Here is the potential symmetrical movement I am watching while AUDJPY approaching 82.50/80 resistance zone. �Of course, market is never perfect, let’s see how this plan works out.

AUDJPY Symmetrical movement

A gap trade example 18 June 2012 : $AUDJPY

I have stopped posting my trade long time ago for various reasons. Anyway, I thought I might throw in an example today to show how I trade gap. In fact, I am not really sure if �I can call this a gap fill strategy, as it is basically a simple support/resistance trade. After all, everything comes back to your level. Define your level, and plan a trade around that. That’s what I am doing.

Here is 5-minute chart of AUDJPY. �There were quite a number of FX pairs with Sunday gaps this week, I picked this pair as it was showing me the cleanest setup at the time I was back to my workstation. I waited for the pair to retest the 5-min level, and put the target at the gap opening , the end result gave me slightly more than 2R.


Weekend Charting 06 May 2012

Here are the charts with some ‘annoying lines’ that I am watching for the coming week. Hope they annoy you as well.

$AUDUSD Hourly

$AUDUSD Hourly

$AUDJPY 240min

$AUDJPY 4-hour

$EURUSD 240min

$EURUSD 4-Hour

$EURAUD 240min

$EURAUD 4-Hour

$EURJPY Hourly

$EURJPY Hourly

$GBPUSD 240min

$GBPUSD 4-Hour

$NZDUSD 240min

$NZDUSD 4-Hour

$USDJPY 240min

$USDJPY 4-Hour

$USDSGD 240min

$USDSGD 4-Hour

$USDCHF 240min

$USDCHF 4-Hour

$USDCAD 240min

$USDCAD H4 06May2012

Good trading!

$AUDJPY 28 April 2011

Here is the setup I mentioned in my tweet. Looking at the swing trade with targets around 8770 and 87. Setup is invalidated if 90 level is broken.

Here is the…. CHART!

$AUDJPY bearish harmonic setup

$AUDJPY 12 Nov 2010

Here is the $AUDJPY chart I mentioned earlier on. I am holding long position, with some profit booked, and stop is now at break even. This is a text book 5-0 formation where all fib levels are nicely respected.

[tab: Setup]

Here is the chart to confuse you.


Have a great weekend!

[tab: Update 18 Nov 2010]

The pattern works now nicely. With the weakness of JPY at the moment, and AUD gaining some strength, the pair might stretch further. But, there is also a possibility of forming triple tops, and now it is trading at the top of channel as well…so..

Here is the updated chart.


Something about $AUDJPY 20102010

I was watching AUDJPY. I thought it was going to invalidate the Bearish Butterfly formation. We had just broken out from the trading range yesterday, and now it renews my interest in shorting the pair. I am watching closely and preparing to build a swing short position.

what do you see here?

Here is the…CHART!


$AUDJPY Bearish Butterfly + Range breakout