$USDSGD 19 August 2012

OK, I am still on vacation. Reading some charts while the missus and the kid are still in bed. I am interested in establishing short $USDSGD at current level. Of course, if it failed, the next level I am watching is slightly above 1.26.

Anyway, here is the chart.

[tab: Setup]

$USDSGD 19 August 2012 H4

[tab: Update 08 September 2012]

Here is the updated chart of USDSGD. The pair failed to break abvoe 1.2560, and downtrend resumes. It broke the last swing low last week. Let’s see how far it can go from here.

$USDSGD H4 update

$USDSGD retest 23 Jul 2012

USDSGD is testing key level. Let’s see how it develops from here.


Weekend Charting 06 May 2012

Here are the charts with some ‘annoying lines’ that I am watching for the coming week. Hope they annoy you as well.

$AUDUSD Hourly

$AUDUSD Hourly

$AUDJPY 240min

$AUDJPY 4-hour

$EURUSD 240min

$EURUSD 4-Hour

$EURAUD 240min

$EURAUD 4-Hour

$EURJPY Hourly

$EURJPY Hourly

$GBPUSD 240min

$GBPUSD 4-Hour

$NZDUSD 240min

$NZDUSD 4-Hour

$USDJPY 240min

$USDJPY 4-Hour

$USDSGD 240min

$USDSGD 4-Hour

$USDCHF 240min

$USDCHF 4-Hour

$USDCAD 240min

$USDCAD H4 06May2012

Good trading!

$USDSGD 21 Oct 2011

I don’t expect too much movement in the Friday afternoon (London session). So I will keep the chart for Monday to see if I still have good entry spot. $USDSGD  is setting up a potential short opportunity at the current level. I wish I could write a thousand-word blog post to explain the setup to you, but the chart is just way too simple and obvious to read.  I thought it would be an insult to my readers if I explain the simple things too much. 😀

So…Here is the…. CHART!

$USDSGD Bearish Harmonic setup

Key Levels to watch for Week 21 Feb 2011

Here are the currency pairs and the key levels on my watch list for this week. I am not sure if I have any extra energy to trade this week, since I am busy preparing for next week’s house moving. Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. Again, these levels are just support/resistance that I am watching.

Here are the …CHARTS!

[tab: EURUSD]

$EURUSD Key levels


$GBPUSD Key Levels

[tab: EURGBP]

$EURGBP Key Levels

[tab: NZDUSD]

$NZDUSD Key Levels

[tab: EURJPY]

$EURJPY Key Levels

[tab: USDCHF]

$USDCHF Key levels

[tab: USDSGD]

$USDSGD Key Levels