Weekend video 26 June 2010

This is for your weekend. One of my favorite fighting scene from the movie <<?? 2>>. Check it out.

????, It is the Year of Tiger

Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers. And this is the Year of Tiger. Wishing you a prosperous year, stay healthy and, always have fun. ??????????

Quote from Victor Sperandeo

In his book Trader Vic: Methods of a Wall Street Master, Victor Sperandeo mentioned:

As an aside, I want to point out that although this period of intensive study helped me immeasurably in my ability to call the markets, it cost me substantially in my personal life. My daughter, Jennifer, was at a crucial formative age (3 to 5), and I spent almost no time with her. I would get home from the office, eat, and go straight back to work in my study. When she came into my office, I would shoo her away impatiently, totally ignoring the fact that she needed her father’s attention and love. It was a bad mistake that both of us are paying for today. If I had to do again, I would draw out the study period and give Jennifer more time.

After reading this paragraph, I have been doing a lot of thinking. I’m not sure if this is a common mistake among traders, I, sometimes, make the similar mistake. We know this business requires a lot of time, effort, attention, but our loved ones require more.

Just being a little bit emotional. Anyway, this book is really a good read. If you haven’t done so, go and get one.

Talks Richard St. John: “Success is a continuous journey”

I was planning to run some accounting and journaling work during Sunday morning, but my broker platforms were offline for maintenance. I browse around TED talk to find some quality videos, here is one of them. Well, some of you might have watched this before, but, it is worth to revisit again. Enjoy!

Richard St. John reminds us that success is not a one-way street, but a constant journey. He uses the story of his business’ rise and fall to illustrate a valuable lesson — when we stop trying, we fail.

The fun Burger Dinner evening

We had a very nice dinner catch up at my friends, Jon & Debs’ place. The newly weds are always kind and with good cooking skills. I seriously think that they should open a cafe/restaurant. The dinner was fun, delicious, and healthy! Materials were bought freshly from farmer’s market, and burgers were made by grassfed beef. And, we also tried out some new coffee making ideas. I don’t exactly know the name of the equipment, but it is type of filtered coffee.

Here are some shots taken by my iPhone. Great fun.



Video for the weekend: The Pursuit of Happyness

This is one of  my favourite movies.  This is the scene where Chris (Will Smith)takes his son, to play basketball and tells him to never give up on his dreams.