Christmas, A season of giving


This is a non trading blog post.

It is December, and Christmas is around the corner. If you haven’t done so, it is a good time to share, and to help brighten the Christmas season. If you had a great trading year, make it better by giving more! If you had a challenging one, trust me, giving makes you feel better.

There are ways to help, to donate. Your local churches, charity organisations etc. In case you are in Australia, and need a suggestion, here is a great one.  Stuff the bus.

Stuff The Bus is our annual Christmas Appeal to help families going through a tough season. It is a time where we invite everyone to jump on board and “Stuff the Bus” with BRAND NEW unwrapped Toys, Gifts and Food hamper items. We deliver the toys unwrapped to empower parents to give gifts to their children and food hampers so individuals and families can celebrate around a Christmas meal.

You can visit your local Hillsong Church, or if you wish, you can do it online at

So, let’s brighten this Christmas!

Postmortem after spam bots attack

This blog has recently experienced a massive spam bot attack. It was so serious that the hosting company has to take my site down before I clean up thousands of spam comments from my database.

Well, it is all good now. To prevent this from happening again, I have included some strict spam filtering rules on comment, and also, CAPTCHA plugins. So, you have to do a little math to prove that you are human before submitting comment.

Anyway, in case you were trying to get in touch, but was blocked by the filter or the math is just too difficult for you, please give me a shout in Twitter (@tradergav) . I will get back to you ASAP.

Good trading.

Tweets that worth mentioned 16 09 2014

Here are some tweets in my favorite list that worth mentioning again. Enjoy!


Tweets worth mention

Sometimes, we just need some good words, or “wisdom” to keep us going. Here are some tweets I have collected over time. So, here is the collection of “twitter-wisdom”

Trader Education Week by EWI

I wish I can start posting regularly again soon. Some personal businesses needs my attention lately.

Anyway, I thought I would write a quick post about this educational event which might benefit some of you.

Elliott Wave International (EWI) is hosting a free Trader Education Week, October 2-9. Register now and get instant access to free trading resources — plus you’ll receive more lessons as they’re unlocked each day of the event.

You have an opportunity to spend the next week learning how you can spot high-confidence trade setups in the charts you follow every day.

Here is the short introduction about EWI, and the educator:

Jeffrey Kennedy, EWI analyst and one of the world’s foremost market technicians, has taught thousands how to improve their trading through his courses, subscription services and as an adjunct professor of technical analysis at Georgia Tech University. Now you have the opportunity to be a student in his online classroom, as he takes complex technical methods and tools and breaks them down so that you can apply them to your trading immediately.

So, if you are interested, Register today and get your first 4 free trading resources immediately, plus we’ll alert you to valuable new resources unlocked every day beginning October 2.

Updates, down time, futures trading etc

I thought I should write a short post just keep my 13 readers updated.

I have been out of action for the past few weeks due to illness. Well, nothing really serious, but it was bad enough to keep me constantly tired and prevent me from trading and blogging etc. I have finally off the antibiotic craps. Should be back in action soon.

During this little “down time”, I took the chance to look into BUND futures trading in details. It is indeed an exciting market to day trade. Of course, I am still trading FX, but you can expect a some posts or mentions of BUND in my future writings.

So, hope you have a good trading week ahead, and talk soon.