Dummy day trading #4 03-August-2006: Mini Dow Futures: Long trade closed

It is another good day for bulls. Mini dow had a good run. Long positon was established at 11229 above 1030am candle with initial stop below 11215. Trailing stop was moved four times after position reached 4~R gain. Subsequently, Mini Dow pulled back, and last trailing stop was triggered at 11270 with 3-R gain. I am still feeling I am moving trailing stop too early, however, before I have a complete plan, I will stick with this plan.

03 august 2006

03 august 2006

RE: Dummy day trading 02-August-2006

Here is the recap of Mini Dow and E-mini Nasdaq Futures, let’s look at the full picture of today’s action. It involved a little bit of luck, I exited Long position of Mini Dow near the top of the day after hitting 2~R gain. Mini Dow futures pulled back after hitting 11255, and failed to make new high in the rest of the trading day.

30-min chart of Mini Dow Futures


I had, in fact, missed out LONG opportunity of E-mini Nasdaq. Initial R was a little bit bigger comparing to Mini Dow. I was trading on a single screen Laptop, it was a little bit troublesome to switch around my chart/spreadsheet/calculator windows. Mini Dow and Nasdaq took off around the same time , so, too bad, I can’t have it all.

30-min chart of E-mini Nasdaq Futures


Dummy day trading#3 02-August-2006:Mini Dow: Long trade closed

It is a nice day for bulls. Long trade setup was completed around 930am (Chicago time). Long position was established at 11200. The rest of the trade was pretty simple ~ Be patient and wait. Stop was moved thrice after gaining 1-R, 2-R, and 3-R. Stop was triggered at 2-R stop , which was 11236. One trade closed with 2-R gain. Here is the 30-min chart of Mini Dow Futures.

02 august 2006

02 august 2006

Dummy day trading #1 31-Jul-2006: E-mini Nasdaq composite: Long trade closed

I was looking for Nasdaq-100 futures to move up further to resistance level around 15550. A nice setup during the opening, I have decided to get LONG above inside bar. Bull failed to impress further and my intial stop was triggered with 1.13-R loss.


Full picture after market closed


Dummy day trading 31-Jul-2006 II: U.S market

I was preparing to do a recap of Nasdaq, DJ and S&P before starts today's trading. And I have found TraderMike had done a good recap and some discussion on volume. July 28, 2006 Stock Market Recap

Re: Dummy day trading 27-Jul-2006

Alrite, I am being a loser today. In fact, I did not pay much attention to the market. Instead, I was day dreaming, and doing some stupid work out of trading. Long opportunities appeared. Simple and profitable entries, and yet, no trade was taken.

Continue doing this, I will be hungry to death someday.

Anyway, here is the 15-min chart of MSCI Taiwan index futures.