Good ol lover is back

I was flipping through my old SIMSCI futures trading journal, and checking out Asian futures market.  It looks like my old time favorite is back. I see opportunities appear in SIMSCI futures again. I am getting my account ready soon, since I have a little bit free time now.

Here is the ….CHART!


SIMSCI trading journal migration completed

I have finished moving all my SIMSCI (MSCI Singapore Free Index) futures trading journal from my old blog (clogspot). It is located in SIMSCI category. Another way is reading my June Archive . I started SIMSCI day trading since end of May.

SIMSCI trades are important to me during the development as a futures day trader. It noted my little success, inconsistency, coolness, everything..good or bad. I have experienced winning streak, losing days,over confident, brokerage change and charting service down etc. These experience are just so important to me.

RE: SIMSCI 13-Jul-2006: 2nd Short trade closed

Second opportunity was found in SIMSCI after it opened with a gap down in the afternoon session. I have waited until the first candle closed below support area 286.4. Short position was established at 286.2. Stop loss was set at 287, I would like to see the gap being filled before I decided to exit the short position.
Nikkei had loss around -200 points in the afternoon. I was watching for HangSeng to help in pushing the selling sentiment further.

Even with more than -200 loss in HangSeng futures, SIMSCI refused to go down further. Stop loss was triggered after the afternoon session gap was filled. And RSI is making higher lows.

One trade closed with -0.8 points loss.

Another losing day for me. with total loss of -0.64R

RE: SIMSCI 13-Jul-2006: Short trade closed

Short position of SIMSCI has been closed at 287.2. Given Nikkei, HangSeng and SIMSCI are all pausing and reluctant to sell off further. In fact, Nikkei futures is trying to make a higher low. There might be another chance in the afternoon session, I chose to bail out before lunch.

Watch out for next opportunity. One trade closed with +0.3 gain.

RE: SIMSCI 13-Jul-2006: Short position.

I negated the chance of going Long on SIMSCI futures. Instead, I saw a chance of intrady Nikkei to be toppish before lunch break and HangSeng futures continues losing more than -100 points. Short position of SIMSCI has been established at 287.5. Intraday support is likely at 286.4 area. I am watching stop loss closely.

SIMSCI 13-Jul-2006: Potential swing up

To be frank, I am pretty happy with the 3-digit loss/gain in DJ. These conditions provide force to move SG market. I hope to see an trending day for SIMSCI today, either up or down.
SIMSCI had a gap down at the opening, There is an possibility of upward swing, though it is still too early to define. After first hour of SG market , both Nikkei and HangSeng futures turn into positive territory despite negative opening. I am watching closely on SIMSCI futures.

With reviewing my past day trading performance, better performance was found when SIMSCI was experiencing better volume (i.e trading around 2,000 contracts in the first hour) or with day volume near 5,000 contracts traded. The worst performance (excluding my psychological weakness of making unnnecessary trades), was during low volume period of SIMSCI.

Of course, I am not tying my performance to volume, I truely acknowledge my psychological weakness., I am doing statistical work to find any possiblity to improve my trading performance.