Dummy day trading #8 10-August-2006: Dow Mini: Long trade closed

It was a very slow day for index futures. Not so easy money . Long position of Dow Mini was established above 1030am(chicago time) inside bar. This entry might be too early, I was just following the rule. Stop was moved twice and it was triggered at 11151 with 1-R gain. Initially, I was thinking to close the position at 11167 which was 20-day moving average in daily chart. I had decided to let the profit run instead of setting target. With this decision, I missed some profit.

By the way, I missed out Gold trade.

 30-min chart of Dow Mini



This trade tested my patience and discipline. There were times that I thought of just closing the trade and go to bed (Oh ya, I was trading from Asian, it was during wee hours , man). I diverted my attention by reading blogs, chatting , eating etc. Just to prevent myself from watching the market too much and making wrong decision. Not so bad, 1 trade closed with 1-R gain.

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