Dummy day trading #30 02-Oct-2006: YM Long trade closed

Dear diary,

This week is kinda experimental for me. I am integrating NYSE TICK and TRIN into my trading.

So, it is experimental, and I’ve just made a stupid trade. Not dummy trading, but stupid trading. I got in Long position of YM (Mini-sized Dow) in 15-min chart after getting a dummy setup with narrow range and TICK closed at +800 which is pretty positive.The setup looked excellent.

The mistake is here. I closed the trade almost immediately after realizing uptrend in TRIN. Moron. I don’t know if this decision is correct. But I was confused by indicators. I am not new to trading, but I still have this problem. Ok, I will think about it and talk to you later. One trade closed with 0.32-R gain.
Here is the chart after I closed the trade.


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