Weekend Charting 28 April 2012

Here are a couple of charts in my watch list. I am looking at the levels for next week’s trading.  I don’t find a lot with clean levels now. So patience is required at the beginning of the week.

Anyway,  here are the CHARTS.

$GBPAUD — This is probably the cleanest chart I can find at the moment.  Support is approaching with confluence of 50% retracement.

$GBPAUD Hourly

$NZDUSD — The second test of resistance level with confluence of 61.8% retracement.

$NZDUSD hourly

$USDJPY – We are back to previous hourly swing low. In case it breaks down from here,  I am looking at next potential target of 79.55 ish. Otherwise, we might continue bouncing in the range.

$USDJPY Hourly

$EURJPY – There are too many touches of the support level for my liking. I am only looking at potential trading opportunity when it breaks down from here.  Otherwise, ‘ I am not touching that!’

$EURJPY Hourly

$AUDUSD – Aussie dollar is sitting at the top of channel, and completed a symmetrical move last week.

$AUDUSD Hourly

That’s all for now. Good trading.

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