Using Evernote to create trading journal

I don’t have trade to share today, instead, I am thinking of sharing the ‘tool of the day’ to my readers 🙂 . I have recently start using Evernote on my iPhone and laptop as my digital assistant. And today, I thought I would try to integrate the tool to my daily routine – market review, and journaling. And, I am truly impressed by the tool.

Here is a short video clip I have created.

Use evernote to create trading journal

And you can login to Evernote’s website to view your saved journals from any computer, or read it from your mobile phone. Here is the snapshot of my iPhone.

I love the tool. And , this is my personal review of Evernote, and I am no affiliate to them. Just another tool to share, check it out.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this !!! Its very useful !!! I like how you enter your trades ! We share similar traits 😛

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