One USDCHF trade 23-April-2009

Short position of USDCHF was established at the same time as my EURUSD trade mentioned in the last post.  Technically, I was bearish about Dollar. Another classical text-book pattern. Profit target was hit on Friday with +2R , a perfect way to end the week. It has been a decent week with +7R. I am not trading on Friday.

On a side note, Oanda has been behaving abnormally today. There were times it prompted me ‘Server Busy’ and failed to log into my account, and quote was lagging, and , as I am writing now, my ‘Activity’ tab is empty. Well…. Any of my 12 readers encounter the same problem?

Here is the…. CHART!



*Update : Communicated with Oanda support, upgrade work of platform is going on, and Activity tab is disabled.

Simple setup , but ‘not-so-good’ trades

I made 2 day trades yesterday. Long EURUSD, Short USDCHF. Simple setup. But, instead of waiting for the planned target, I chickened out on exit. Well…

Beautiful charts.



Side note. If you are not reading this post on, please leave immediately. My posts are stolen by some sissy birds recently. They created a new website and published my work without my knowledge.