Trading idea: NZDUSD Short 27-April-2009

This is another trading idea comes out from my weekend chart scan.  NZDUSD is another short pattern, that is targeting 0.560-ish, 0.5570-ish, and 0.5520-ish as 3 targets.  These offer 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 R/R.  We have official cash rate and RBNZ rate statement released this coming Thursday, so watch out.

I can be very wrong again, as always. However, it all depends on your trade and risk management skill. I am not going into that again. I wrote a related post Accuracy vs Risk reward ratio.

Here is the…. CHART! Let’s see how it works out.


Is it time now? Let’s Long some Kiwi

Here is a Free/Fatal trading idea. I am looking at NZDUSD, and I am seeing opportunity to establish Long position soon at around 0.5685 zone. This is a swing trading idea 1st target is around 0.584-ish while final target is around 0.599-ish zone.  It looks delicious to me. Let’s see how it works out later.

Here is the…..Chart!


One Kiwi trade

IHF (read: I Hate Forex) system went long of NZDUSD on Monday, and it was a crap. Stopped. And It went short on Tuesday. Another +130 pips trade. Nice short. Exited the trade at 0.52-ish level. Well, I maybe wrong, but who cares. Let’s wait for next signal.

Here is the chart to inspire you, my little trader.