Sierra Chart Book sharing: Updated Trading DOM template November 2017

I have made changes to the my Sierra Chart trading DOM over time, I thought I will share it here again. The previous version is working, this version is just enhanced with more information that I used in my trading.

Download the chart book and save it into Sierra Chart Data Files Folder, and Go to Sierra Chart and select File >> Open Chartbook . Feel free to customize it or share it to other Sierra Chart users if you like.

The DOM is used for ES (Emini-S&P), with CQG feed. Symbol can be changed in Chart Setting screen.

The Chartbook can be downloaded HERE 


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  1. A nice feature to see.

  2. Nice share and beautiful looking DOM!
    Have you added new DOM related features to it ?
    It’s been one year now and a lot of news things has been added into Sierra 🙂

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