Dummy day trading #34 13-Oct-2006: NQ Long trade closed

Long position of NQ was established above 9th bar high. I closed that position at 17th bar, with 2.09-R gain (+6.5 points in NQ). I closed the position at Fib extension 38.2% as it is 2am in Singapore.
That’s a better way to end the week.

Trade score :1 – Target hit

Execution score: 1 – Followed trade as dictated in my plan

13 Oct 2006

13 Oct 2006

  • Is the trend up or down? Would you be looking to get long or short this futures contract? Trend is up. Looking to get Long
  • Where would you get long/short this futures contract ? Above high of 9th bar which is a narrow range bar, above opening range and moving average.
  • Where would you put the initial protective stop? Below the low of entry bar
  • Where would you exit the position? Fib extension 38.2%
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