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I was talking to a friend about trading journal stuffs, and was asked for recommendations. Coincidentally, I received a couple of emails from readers asking about the same. I thought I would just write a short post about the tools that I personally used.

I was a heavy excel spreadsheet user years ago, I would spend hours or even days trying to create spreadsheets for trade logs/tracking sheets etc. But I come to realize that my effort and focus should be on the markets and honing my trading skills , instead of spreadsheet programming.  TJS (Trading Journal Spreadsheet) provided me an excellent professional solution with very reasonable price (considering the regular support provided by the team).

Trading Journal Spreadsheet (or we call it TJS here), is a powerful spreadsheet-based journal solution. It can be used for most markets, including  Futures, Stocks, Forex, Options, CFDs, Spread betting. Personally, I use TJS mainly for Futures, and Forex. TJS comes with all essential tools you need for trading journal, including Trading Logs, Tracking Sheets, Scale in/out calculator, Expectancy, Drawdown analysis, position sizer as well as template to construct your daily trade sheet.

I started using TJS around 3 years ago, and still using it. You can check out more details about TJS here.

Below is the introductory video of TJS I’ve found on youtube.

Hope this helps.

I would say Trading Journal Spreadsheet by itself is a complete solution.It is good enough for new and experienced traders. In addition to TJS, I also use another tool Forex Smart Tools for my Forex trading journal. I wrote about it before, you can find it here. But, it is an additional tools, and exclusively for FX. I use them both as they fit into my requirements, and helps me to get organized in my trading business.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion Gav, I just Tweeted this. I’ve been trying to find a better solution to keep an Fx trading journal than just a speadsheet. Love your comment that you’re a trader, not a spreadsheet programmer. 🙂 I fully believe that all traders can benefit from keeping a journal from day one. I will definitely give TJS a try.

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